A Directory App for Your Church

Impact Your Church Community With A Church Directory App

DirectorySpot is an online directory that enhances connectivity within a church group or religious organization. Our church directory app is designed to positively improve the communities that use it. See the ways our customizable app helps church communities and organizations using the features below!

Embrace New Members Easily

Church communities are constantly growing and new members are always joining. In awareness of this, DirectorySpot has made it easy to collect and share information about members in your church. Easily access member names, emails, phone numbers, and more. The member information can be easily loaded via spreadsheet then updated at any time using the secure website. DirectorySpot ensures no new member is left out of the loop.

Create A Sense Of Community

DirectorySpot fosters a sense of community in churches by making it easy for members to keep in touch via the communication channel features in the church directory app. The app is available in both iOS and Android software an online version to help church and religious group members keep in touch if they don’t own a smartphone.

Improve Group Communication

DirectorySpot improves group communication to members from staff and between members. Staff and members alike can use the app to send personal or mass messages and emails to church members, church leaders, and the entire community. Using security profiles, users can limit those that can send emails by setting up communication boundaries. The app allows designated users the ability to send push notifications either to the whole directory or a particular group within the directory at all times, using control features and users preferences.

Easy, Secure, One-to-One Communication

DirectorySpot takes advantage of the familiarity of features already available on mobile devices. Our church directory app allows for one-touch access to email, text, call, as well as maps using the in-built map functionality. Within the app, you can sort, tag, and group contacts depending on your preference, improving one-on-one communication throughout the church.

Contact information shared amongst church members is sensitive and private. DirectorySpot has taken industry-leading security measures to ensure only authorized persons have access to sensitive data. Our customizable app doubles as a company directory app for churches looking for help with managing and organizing internal communication. Reassuring for members, the management and organizational features ensure that anything discussed in private remains private, while always promoting group integration through an easy-to-use user interface.

Save Time and Money

The old paper directories were expensive, time consuming to create, and were often a nightmare for those updating them. Luckily, DirectorySpot has revolutionized how directories are prepared and streamlined the directory management process. The app's offline capabilities mean that users can enjoy access to the directory without a constant Internet connection.

Editing data within the app is easy to do by providing tools for users to update their own personal profile data. This ensures users that their contact details are always up-to-date and exactly what they want viewable by the public. Our online church directory app enables real-time updates to the entirety of the app as well as personal profile. Once the information is updated, it is pushed to app users in just a few minutes.

Enable Members To Access Information Easily

Church activities are usually coordinated through committees or leadership teams. It’s important to have an easy way for members to communicate which committee they belong to and who the leaders of different committees are, in case they need to be contacted or if church members need to be updated with any important information. DirectorySpot’s mobile directory app makes it easy to create groups of contacts based on committee membership so that they are easily accessible and organized well. Emails can then be sent to the members of specific committees as opposed to the entire directory.

Church communities are often large in numbers making it difficult to remember church member details and particular information of each member. The built in search functionality in the DirectorySpot app makes it easy for members to lookup names and other details. This feature has allowed church members to engage within the congregation, developing unity throughout the church organization.

Raise Additional Funds for the Organization

With DirectorySpot, users can sell advertisements and use sponsorships within the app to cater for the cost of the app or even use it as a fundraiser for raising funds to be used by the church community or organization. The feature is activated on demand and is only used when needed, so users always have complete control.

Improve Event Attendance With The Online Calendar

The DirectorySpot app has an online calendar that links to the existing church calendar thus eliminating the need to maintain multiple calendars. This feature allows members to stay updated on everything that transpires within the church community. If the church community does not have a calendar, DirectorySpot teaches how to publish one completely free, so getting started is no problem!

The Bottom Line

DirectorySpot is one of the most comprehensive church directory apps on the market today. Religious communities looking for an easy-to-use, secure, feature-rich, inexpensive, and comprehensive directory app should look no further than DirectorySpot. We offer a 30-day free trial to get you started, and plans start at just $100, making it an affordable tool for any church community.

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