DirectorySpot’s directory services are perfect for building and connecting with your church community.

Save time and money by making your church directory completely mobile.  DirectorySpot is less expensive than printing copies of your directory and updating member information is easy.  Keep all members—new and old—updated with contact information that can be easily uploaded on our secure website.  DirectorySpot also improves group communication.  Make individual groups for committees or leadership teams to make staying in contact simple and fast.  Group emails and messages can be sent out from within the app or online platform.  Only authorized persons will have access to your directory’s information.  Interested in how DirectorySpot can serve your church community?  Sign up for your free trial!

DirectorySpot app on smartphone


DirectorySpot’s app can be customized with your choice of color and logo. Make your directory reflect your church pride.

Download our data template – Template

DirectorySpot Church contact on smartphone

Member Information

Church communities are constantly growing and new members are always joining. In awareness of this, DirectorySpot has made it easy to collect and share information about members in your church. Easily access member names, emails, phone numbers, and more. The member information can be easily loaded via spreadsheet then updated at any time using the secure website. DirectorySpot ensures no new member is left out of the loop.

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DirectorySpot improves group communication to members from staff and between members. Staff and members alike can use the app to send personal or mass messages and emails to church members, church leaders, and the entire community. Using security profiles, users can limit those that can send emails by setting up communication boundaries. The app allows designated users the ability to send push notifications either to the whole directory or a particular group within the directory at all times, using control features and users preferences.

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Help your members get to know each other better by uploading a picture of each member of your group.

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Link to your existing school calendar so there’s no need to maintain two separate calendars.

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Use sponsorships and sell advertisements within the app to cover the cost of your DirectorySpot account.

DirectorySpot smartphone email notification


Easily send emails to your entire directory or a class with the DirectorySpot.


Send messages within the DirectorySpot app to certain groups or the entire directory.

DirectorySpot app download PDF


You can download a PDF from DirectorySpot and save it to your phone, tablet, or smartphone.

DirectorySpot Church directories on smartphone

Multiple Directories

With DirectorySpot, you can access all of your directories with one login.

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Directory Info

See all of your organization, group, or church’s contact information on one page.

Automated Passwords

Distribution of passwords is completely automated and secure.

Click & Connect

Call, text, email, and even map with one click.

DirectorySpot contact on smartphone


DirectorySpot’s app can be customized with your choice of color and logo.


DirectorySpot takes a number of security measures to ensure only authorized individuals access your data.


DirectorySpot’s app is fully searchable. Find your contacts quickly!

Use On Any Device

The DirectorySpot app is accessible on iOS and Android devices and through our web version. Your directory can be with you wherever you go.

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Simple pricing based on number of contacts (families) listed in the directory – no hidden or additional fees!

For most Churches, a “contact” = a family.  The prices are annual fees and include unlimited access to DirectorySpot and downloads of our app. The DirectorySpot app is always free to download from the app stores, but you need a valid username and password to access a directory.

Churches will also save printing costs since anyone can download their own copy of a PDF, or better yet, use the app instead!

Our pricing includes the following features at no additional cost:

  • Customized design of your app
  • Unlimited updates through our secure website
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Unlimited number of sponsors
  • Unlimited PDF downloads for all of your users
  • Link to your school calendar
  • Group emailing and push notifications
  • Access to support on our website
# of Contacts Annual Price
1 – 100 $100
101 – 150 $150
151 – 200 $200
201 – 250 $250
251 – 300 $300
301 – 350 $350
351 – 400 $400
401 – 500 $450
501 – 600 $500
601 – 700 $550
701 – 800 $600
801 – 900 $650
901 – 1000 $700
1001 – 1250 $750
1251 – 1500 $800
1501 – 1750 $850
1751 – 2000 $900
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