DirectorySpot makes keeping in touch with your school community easy. With both an online version and apps for both iOS and Android devices, parents, teachers, and staff can access the directory wherever they go.

Quickly find parent and teacher information, see class lists, review the school calendar and even include sponsors. Our app allows you to set up different security profiles for each of your users allowing them to different things like group emailing and importing or exporting data. The app is customized with your school logo and colors and we even provide a downloadable PDF for those who still want a printed version.

The DirectorySpot mobile app is a true app (not a mobile website) that parents love because they can quickly click to get the information they need regardless of the speed of their internet connection. To see all our great features, click the button below.

If your group, organization, club, or church would like to use DirectorySpot, please check out the information on our site about our group app.

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