A Directory App for your Homeowners Association (HOA)

The Neighborhood Directory App Connecting Neighbors Everywhere!

Have you ever wanted to get in touch with a member of your community but simply could not remember their name? How many times have you wished you could more easily connect with your neighbors and community? In today's busy world, utilizing your mobile device to streamline communication is a must. Our neighborhood directory app is looking to change all of that, keeping communities connected with easy-to-use, customized communication lines.

Contact Creation and Customization

Our customized app allows neighborhoods and communities more control over their contact list than ever before. One individual in your community or Homeowners Association (HOA) could create, customize, and develop an app for your entire community. Once created, community members can visit the online version or download the app directly to their Android and Apple devices. DirectorySpot allows users the ability to organize contacts in a way that is easy to manage and fully customizable, so contacts never become disorganized. With DirectorySpot, it is possible to classify your neighbors by housing number, name, even classify employees on site. With DirectorySpot, you will never be at a loss for the name of your new neighbor.

Streamlined Community Communication

Technology can impact the way people communicate in a big way. We decided to change the way people communicate by offering up a new solution, using technology to bring people together. Most of the people who live in a community are likely to never meet and interact with their neighbors. It’s a shame to not know the names of the people living a few doors down! With the use of DirectorySpot, the possibilities are endless. At the touch of a button, you can send an email to one person, a group of friends, or everyone in the community using the neighborhood app. Imagine how much closer a community could be if everybody had the ability and resources to know everyone? DirectorySpot opens the doors for a community to stay safe and connected, develop relationships, and stay up to date on all neighborhood and community information.

Keep the Community Synced

The DirectorySpot neighborhood directory app also includes a calendar which enables everyone in the community to know about special events, as well as, important meetings via one interface. The calendar feature helps communities parcel out time in their busy schedules to attend community events and functions. This allows everyone to stay up to date on policies, elections, and general activities with the ability to reach the entire community, so nobody misses an event. This feature encourages community engagement and interaction by providing users basic details about their neighbors and community.

Save Time and Money

There is no question that just about every homeowner's association in the country is trying to find ways to supplement income to add new features into a community’s framework. Typically, this was done by community member’s fees. But now, with DirectorySpot, this reality has changed! DirectorySpot is the first app of its kind, that allows users a wide variety of customizable options like adding sponsorships and branding your community’s app with logos, pictures, and other details. Through this aspect of the app, you can accept sponsorships or different types of advertisements to raise funds to pour back into your neighborhood, Homeowner’s Association, and community. It is a great way to introduce new services offered by the neighborhood officials, update neighbors on new local businesses, and provide civic information, all on one easy-to-use platform.

When designing the DirectorySpot online directory software, our team focused on creating a product that would better those who use it. Our goal was to create a directory app that would be more environmentally friendly toward our planet than the outdated printed directories. In the past, Homeowner's Associations would spend countless dollars on creating directory listings for the community. However, these directories would soon end up in the trash or outdated within months, wasting paper and still not solving the problem of communication and interaction between communities of all kinds. DirectorySpot is a mobile app that can also be accessed online on a mobile phone or computer, with unlimited access to the information, whenever it’s needed. Considering it is all online, as members move out of the community, and as new members move in, they can easily be added or removed. In fact, you can create different categories so members can stay in touch once they move out from the community. In addition, there is no more cause for wasted paper, as the entire directory is all electronic.

At DirectorySpot, we believe that technology truly has the ability to bring the world closer together and that’s our hope. Serving as a church directory, a neighborhood directory app, or a company directory app, the ways the DirectorySpot app can serve a community is limitless!