Church Features

  • Contacts

    DirectorySpot is populated with information about each contact including names, titles, phone numbers, emails, and the groups they belong to. All of this information can be initially loaded via an Excel spreadsheet and then can be updated throughout the year via our secure website.

    Download our template.
  • Groups

    Create groups of contacts so they can easily be found and even send out emails to a subset of your full contact list.

  • Pictures

    Help your members get to know each other better by uploading a picture of each member of your group.

  • Unlimited Info

    Does your church have members with multiple phones or homes? Don't worry, you can have multiple phone numbers, email addresses, or even addresses for each contact in your directory.

Each version of DirectorySpot comes with these great features

  • Customized

    DirectorySpot's app is themed with the color and logo of your choice. Show off your group’s great logo or display your school spirit and always know which directory your looking at with DirectorySpot!

  • Emailing

    Easily send emails to your entire directory or just a certain class using DirectorySpot. If you’re concerned about too many emails and you don’t want to give everyone the ability to do this, you can control access to this feature using our security profiles.

  • Notifications

    Want to send your users a quick message or notification? DirectorySpot allows designated users the ability to send push notifications to the entire directory or a certain group within your directory.

  • Any Device

    With apps for iPhones and Android devices, and access through our secure website, you can access your directory wherever and whenever you need it!

  • Calendar

    Link to your existing school calendar so there’s no need to maintain two separate calendars. Now you can stay up-to-date on everything that’s happening at your school or PTO/PTA. If you school doesn’t currently have a calendar, we can show you how to publish your own completely free!

  • Sponsors

    Use sponsorships and sell advertisements within the app to cover the cost of the app or even use it as a fundraiser to raise additional funds for your school or group. You're in control, so only use this if you want to.
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  • Edit your own data

    Tired to making all the changes yourself? You have the option of allowing users to edit their own data making sure their contact information is always up-to-date.

  • Multiple Directories

    Have access to more than one school or group? No problem! With DirectorySpot, you can access all of your directories with one login. We automatically add a tab for you to switch back and forth between each directory.

  • Flexible

    Divorced parents? Multiple homes? Extra instructions? No worries, DirectorySpot is flexible enough to handle all of your unique situations.

  • Printable PDFs

    Choose from several PDF layouts to print your directory or save to your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

  • Secure

    We know your contact information is sensitive, so we take a number of security measures to ensure that only authorized individuals access your data.
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  • Real-time Updates

    Security roles allow for individuals to update data anytime through our secure website. Once updated, information is pushed to all of the app users within minutes.

  • Automated Passwords

    Distribution of passwords is completely automated and secure. Simply invite users to join your DirectorySpot and they will be sent an email with instructions how to get started.

  • One-Touch Access

    Our app takes advantage of the native features of the phones and allows for one-touch access to call, text, email, and even map to an address using built in maps functionality.

  • Data Verification

    Not sure your entire directory wants their information shared? No problem, just turn on our data verification picture and users can go in and review their data before sharing it with everyone.

  • Offline Mode

    Our offline capabilities make sure you have access to your directory whenever you need it even if you don't have internet.

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