A Directory App for your Company

A Company Directory App That Keeps Businesses Connected

The benefits of having a comprehensive social intranet community are undeniable. For this reason alone, large and small companies alike are continually embracing the social intranet software as the tool of choice in the modern age, for keeping the organization connected and optimizing performance. Employee directory software is incredibly effective when it comes to connecting your staff, with each employee profile telling the story of each member involved.

DirectorySpot is a complete employee directory software that is designed for companies to manage their directory. We understand that just like every person in it, your organization is unique. That's why we provide you with a customizable directory tool that enables you to highlight the culture of your company, by highlighting the personalities of those in it. With DirectorySpot, you only need to set up the necessary information needed on each user profile and the community members will do the rest.

Benefits of Employee Profiles

It's often not easy to tell what skill sets each employee in an organization has. As the company grows, it becomes even harder to know the employees on a personal level, which makes it harder to find the right person to fill out a difficult role or complete a task that needs a specific skill. Employee profiles can house up-to-date essential information about the professional background and skills of each user, while serving as an incredible tool for those in leadership positions looking for the perfect candidate to fulfill a specific role.

For organizations that have employees working remotely, it's quite difficult to get a good sense of who they really are. No amount of back and forth emails can actually bring out the true personality of an individual, and this is where the information on employee profiles come into play. With user profiles, every employee is providing everyone around them with not only their professional expertise, but also their personal details that can help to build a strong sense of team camaraderie.

DirectorySpot Employee Directory

DirectorySpot helps to grow your business socially in the best possible ways. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from an employee directory software:

  • Uniting employees with clients and colleagues
  • Helps to keep the organization person-centric
  • Let's users choose the type of content that is private and public
  • Allows the company and individuals to show off their unique personalities
  • Enables you to explore the various forms of content the individuals have created
  • User profiles offer you an opportunity to know your members better, both as people, and as professionals.

DirectorySpot Features

Contact, Work, and Personal Details

Each profile contains fields to provide basic information such as full names, email address, address, phone, and an about me or bio section. You can take this further by asking them the teams they are part of, projects they are working on or have worked on, etc. This gives your business a platform where coworkers network inside and outside normal communication. Employees can get more personal by finding similar interests and topics to build relationship around like favorite movies, books, quotes, or music. Even Homeowner Associations (HOA) have began using the DirectorySpot app as a neighborhood directory because of the streamlined communications and update features it provides!

Avatars and Pictures

It's vital to have a face to the name of individuals within your intranet. Most school directory software only allows users to add text to their profiles, which is far from effective in helping people to get a better sense of each other's personalities. Photos are important to the DirectorySpot platform, where users can easily upload photos and complete their profile via onscreen prompts. This helps assign a "face to the name" which helps teams become more familiar with each other, boosting team morale.

User Activity

Since everyone in the organization is working towards a common goal, it's important that each member gets a sense of what the other colleagues are doing currently, or what they have completed in the past. With DirectorySpot, employees can view each other's activity including posts they have put up, and content they have authored or shared, media they have shared, and files or documents they have uploaded. This way, a user can visit a coworker's profile and easily understand the extent of impact they have on the community, the ways they can provide help or feedback, as well as, what their talent or main skill sets are.

Features Overview

  • App users can present their own personalities to the community. This let's you explore the diversity of your work community by having the entire team share exactly how they view themselves and what they want others to know.
  • Each user can upload their avatar or profile picture that projects a personalized image to the community. Profile images make your interactions with employees or clients considerably more friendly and personal.
  • Each field is completely customizable by the app creator and those giving feedback. Businesses and employees can take advantage of this and highlight the culture of the organization by creating unique fields representing what's important to the team and employees.
  • The user can decide whether or not to share their contact details in their public profile. This can help you achieve more organizational transparency without sacrificing personal privacy.
  • Some fields can be designated as optional or required, allowing you to make give the user the choice of what information to share, while still making certain information available to the whole community.
  • You can also explore the user's relationships, which can help your find a potential contact or business relationship.

Try a free trial of the DirectorySpot app today and see how it can benefit your company and employees, as well as other verticals, like using it as an online church directory!